Abigail Faeslayer

Red Victor of Summer Court


Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Soldier
Blessing: Has a Weaponry specialty with Bladed weapons


Abigail Eastlake was a lawyer before she was taken. And a bankruptcy lawyer at that. Most of her days were spent filing briefs on behalf of clients, jockeying for a chance at an office with an executive bathroom, and seeing to the happiness of her little 2 year old girl Megan.

That was in 1985.

One night she walked to her car and felt a dark presence behind her. She turned, spraying mace at what she thought was a mugger or rapist. Only to find herself dragged, kicking and screaming for her life. Past streets, then past thorns and into the chorus of clashing metals that was to be her home for nearly 120 years.

Forced to battle army after army 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Incessant Wars, she evolved from a soft and pampered attorney into a hardened, sometimes cold-hearted soldier.

When she finally saw an opportunity to escape her captors, she took it and never once looked back.

Fresh out of Faerie, she emerged into Croatoan a bruised and dehydrated wisp of her Arcadian glory days. Found by Leon Nemeas, she recovered and flourished, well enough to return to the frontlines that were now the very pulse of her heart.

Her thoughts are always consumed with tactics. Her body trained religiously in technique and form. She knows nothing else now. Except occasionally the warmth and love of a fellow warrior.

If you were to ask her why she’s named the Faeslayer, she would likely shrug you off and insist the conversation take a different turn. But the name is well earned, the only changeling in Croatoan who dug up her Keeper’s weakness. The only changeling in Croatoan who amassed a crack troop of warriors from all four of the courts and drove her sword through the hidden heart of her former Master.

She wears a part of him on her, his eye beaded through an iron chain. And every day she plots and trains with the Summer Court Redcloaks to assail another True Fae’s realm. And then another. And then another. Until all of them are dead and forgotten. Like ash blown to nothingness by the wind.

Only in those thoughts does Abigail the Faeslayer ever find her peace.

Abigail Faeslayer

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