-Seeming – Beast
-Kith – Hunterheart
-Court – West

Intelligence – 2 |Strength – 2 |Presence – 3
Wits – 2 |Dexterity – 3 |Manipulation – 2
Resolve – 2 |Stamina – 3 |Composure – 2

Investigation – 2
Medicine – 1
Politics – 1

Athletics – 2 |Special Skill – Long Distance Running
Brawl – 4 |Special Skill – Dirty Tricks
Stealth – 2
Survival – 3

Animal Ken – 3 |Special Skill – Imminent Attack
Intimidation – 3
Persuasion – 1 |Special Skill – Inspiring Troops

Fang and Talon -
Toughs of Bird and Words of Wolves – 1
Beasts Keen Senses – 2
Pipes of the Beast Caller – 3

Contract of the Four Directions -
Mindfinder – 1

Contacts – 4
Allies – 2
Fast Reflexes – 1

Defense – 2
Size – 5
Health – 8
Initiative – 5
Clarity – 7
Speed – 10
Willpower – 4
Wyrd – 2
Glamour – 11
Virtue – Fortitude
Vice – Wrath
Flaw – Manifest Mien

Apparent Age – 25
Born – Oct 10, 1949
Date Taken – April 20, 1973


Currently living in Beketov Square, owning and operating a butcher shop.
Has been known to give food an lodging to street kids, both Changling and mortal.

The ground on the other side was cold and damp. A moment before I didn’t believe it was real. It was a dream, a fantasy from a long forgotten place. The only thing that was real was my pack, our woods, and the voice that commanded us. Everything that came before that voice was something insubstantial, something you shook off in the morning and left in your den.
But now, after years of slavery, I fought towards that fantasy place. Fought towards it not because I thought I could ever reach it, could ever find my way to my dreams, but because what I was fleeing was so much worse. I would have rather spent my life on the trail of fantasy then live in that reality another moment longer.
But here was the ground, hard and cold under my hand. It wasn’t faint, it wasn’t an illusion. The small pools of water on the cement reflected the unnatural light of the street lamp above. I lifted my head to it. I knew it, knew its shape and its function. I knew this was a street, a sidewalk. I knew that people, humans, walked this street everyday in their simple, mundane lives. And I was here.
That is when I doubted what had been the dream. This world that had moments ago been forgotten to me was now clear in my mind. My city, my home. I thought about my sister and her children, I remembered seeing them, was it a day ago? Two? It had been Sally’s birthday and she wanted her aunt Leita to take her to the zoo.
I smiled then, seeing Sally’s round face in my mind.
But my smile faded. The hair on my neck stood up. I could smell it, I could smell that world and that woods that I had just escaped. I turned around, not knowing what to expect. My memories of that place were so fast faded that I could only recall mist, trees, and blood. I knew there was more but now that world was the dream and any details of it were fleeting.
After a moment of concentration the source of the smell was clear, it was coming from me. I had brought the stink of that place with me into the city. It filled my senses and told me that none of it had been a dream.

Known associates –
Dengi Ward – Male Swiftrunner, age thought to be between 7 and 14.
Eiga – Female Blightbent, age 10.
Listak Valren – Female Oracle, age unknown.


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