Maximilian Zorngraf

Shattered Charlatan


-Seeming – Wizened

-Kith – Artist

-Court – Autumn


Intelligence – 3 | Strength – 1 | Presence – 1
Wits – 3 | Dexterity – 4 | Manipulation – 2
Resolve – 2 | Stamina – 2 | Composure – 3


Academics – 1
Computer – 1
Crafts – 4 Specialization: Jewelry-making
Investigation – 1
Occult – 3 Specialization: Fae
Science – 1

Athletics – 1 Specialization: Sprinting
Firearm – 2 Specialization: Rifle
Larceny -1
Stealth – 1
Survival – 2

Empathy – 1
Persuasion – 1
Subterfuge – 2


Artifice (CTL 134)- 2

  • Brief Glamour of Repair – 1 Glamour | Dice Pool: Wyrd + Craft
    Catch: Item or device repaired must be owned and used by another.
  • Touch Of Workman’s Wrath – 2 Glamour | Dice Pool: Larceny + Wyrd
    Catch: The owner of the device either stole or attempted to steal from the changeling or cheated or attempted to cheat on a business deal with the changeling.

Spellbound Autumn (Lords Of Summer 79) – 1

  • Warlock’s Gaze – 2 Glamour | Dice Pool: Occult + Wyrd
    Catch: The changeling makes physical contact with another non-allied supernatural being other than a changeling.

Eternal autumn (CTL 159) – 1

  • Last Breath Isaac – 1 Glamour | Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd
    Catch: The plant is unclaimed or the changeling has permission to harvest from it.

Fleeting Autumn (CTL 156) – 1

  • Witches’ Intuition – 1 Glamour | Dice Pool: wits + Wyrd – subject’s composure.
    Catch: Subject cannot know the changeling’s name.

Hearth (CTL 127) – 1

  • Fickle Fate – 1 Glamour | No Dice Pool.
    Ban: May not use on the same subject more than once an hour or the changeling also receives the effects of the contract.


Mantle (Autumn) – 2
Hollow – 2
Hollow furnishings – 1
Workshop (Jewelry; Mechanics) – 2


Defense – 2
Size – 5
Health – 7
Initiative – 5
Clarity – 7
Speed – 8
Willpower – 5
Wyrd – 1
Glamour – 5
Virtue – Hope
Vice – Pride
Flaw: True Tongue (no good at lying, even white lies)

Seeming Blessing: Can spend 1 point of Glamour to apply “9 again” rule to any dice pools involving dexterity for the rest of the scene. May also spend 1 Glamour to add his Wyrd to any Dodge rolls for the rest of the scene.

Kith Blessing: Impeccable Craftsmanship: The “8 Again” rule applies to all dice pools involving the Crafts skill. May elect to spend 1 Glamour to reroll just the failed dice on any single roll involving the Crafts skill.

Seeming Curse: The “10 Again” rule does not apply to any rolls involving presence. Untrained Social skills are rolled at a -2 penalty instead of -1.

Actual Age – 34
Apparent Age – 34
Born – October 12, 1976
Date Taken – TBD by ST. Very recently.
Unused XP – 5


I was a big fake and I knew it. Oh, sure, I could talk the talk and walk the walk; the hippies didn’t mind if I wasn’t the prettiest flower they had seen because my stones and my bands and my amulets shone with mystical energies, healing powers, spiritual resonances or whatever blather the customer wanted to see. They paid sapphire prices for garnets and gold prices for tarnished copper. I did take pride in my craftsmanship; my trinkets may have been worthless spiritually and materially, but their aesthetics were a damn sight better than those of the gaudily baroque mass-produced abominations usually peddled to people drunk on the New Age. No one had to be embarrassed when my works adorned their bodies and home. Well, at least until they opened their mouths and started spouting the bullshit magic they believed their jewelry carried. But what’re you gonna do?

I had my shop, my assistant November Sunlight (actually Jessica Wiesenthal, but I only knew that because, as her employer, I had to have a copy of her SS card) and a constantly rotating staff of young clerks who came and went with the seasons. We’d close up shop and travel to exhibitions occasionally, although I had begun to toy with letting Novie go on her own. She’s a true believer and more of a looker than I am. Or even than I was.

On the weekends I’d let Novie run the shop and I’d head off for the Great Wilderness for camping, hunting and fishing with friends and, sometimes, alone. It was easy to get away; just hope on the highway and go East until the city lights faded and the noise of commerce and industry subsided. Although San Francisco is a major city, and surrounded by a ghastly sprawl, I could be out in John Muir country before bedtime if I left Friday afternoon and let Novie close up shop.

The last camping trip I took was alone, of course. I remember pulling into a state campground I regularly used when traveling further East than I could make in a night (I was headed towards Zion National Park), but it seemed oddly deserted. I didn’t find anyone on duty at the entrance station, but I pulled on in and set up my pup tent anyway, figuring I’d pay the next morning, or if someone eventually came around. I settled down to sleep. I awoke in a nightmare. I don’t recall much except pain and cruel laughter and work that was more like torture. They replaced my eyes and teeth with semi-precious stones, my fingers grew long and gained an extra joint and my whole body stretched and thinned. I remember a Master who wanted to learn to create but couldn’t help but destroy. Who wanted impossible works of art that were both radiant and shadowed at once. My mind broke in those decades of servitude.

Suddenly, a door that had always been locked was left open. A guard that was always watchful was distracted. A hallway that was always crooked and infinite became straight and true. I took my my chance. I ran.

And then… then… I was here. Croatoan. It was Saturday morning. I had been gone less than 12 hours.

The city seemed large. Especially considering that I had never heard of it before in my life.

Physical Description: Max’s Mask is that of a somewhat gaunt and balding man in his mid-30’s. He’s not particularly ugly or attractive, but he wears impeccably clean and tailored suits of a conservative cut. Those who watch him intently or while he’s at work notice he has long and delicate fingers.

His mien is quite similar, except instead of eyes he has two blue gems and his teeth seem to be made from a silvery metal of sorts. His legs are elongated and his torso somewhat smaller than on a normal human, but not extremely so. His fingers, however, are even longer and more delicate-seeming and also appear to have an extra joint. He seems to be perpetually on the verge of squinting.

Maximilian Zorngraf

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