'Mean Leon' Nemeas

Bloodthirsty King of Summer Court


Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride
Seeming: Beast20px seeming beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Blessing: Lethal unarmed damage
Concept: Summer Court King20px summer crown
Court: Summer 25px court summer


Int 3 | Wits 3 | Resolve 4
Strength 5 | Dex 4 | Stamina 4
Presence 5 | Manipulation 3 | Composure 4


Academic 3 | Investigation 4 | Politics 4
Athletics 3 | Brawl 5 | Firearms 2 | Stealth 5 | Survival 3 | Weaponry 5
Animal Ken 2| Empathy 1 | Expression 2 | Intimidation 4 | Persuasion 2 | Socialize 1 | Streetwise 1


Fang and Talon (CTL 142)

  • Tongues of Birds and Words of Wolves
  • Beast’s Keen Senses
  • Pipes of the Beastcaller 
  • Tread of the Swift Hooves
  • Cloak of the Bear’s Massive Form

Fleeting Summer (CTL 162)

  • Baleful Sense 
  • Goblin’s Malignance 
  • Friendless Tongue
  • Sundown Eyes
  • The Flames of Summer 

Eternal Summer (CTL 155)

  • Son of the Hearth
  • Ulf’s Heart 
  • Noonday Grasp
  • Solstice Revelation 
  • The Lord’s Dread Gaze

Punishing Summer (LOS 49)

  • Smoldergrip 
  • Battle Bright
  • Crown of Clashing Fire
  • Baleful Stroke of Summer Sun
  • Scorched Earth 

Hollow 5 | Mantle 5 | Harvest (Emotions) 4

Health: 13
Willpower: 6
Wyrd: 6
Glamour: 20
Clarity: 6

Size: 5
Speed: 13
Defense: 4
Initiative Mod: 11
Experience: 13

Inventory: Mossberg Shotgun, sunglasses, Sunspear


  • The Kingmaker Blade: The sword itself appears to be made of frosted, pitted glass. Its hilt and pommel are the dull grey of a storm-tossed sea. When the Kingmaker is activated, the wielder gains a +2 to all Expression and Persuasion rolls intended to inspire or rally the troops. The wielder also gains +3 dice to all Weaponry rolls using the sword, turning an average swordsman into a master. The sword is so sharp that it ignores armor up to rating 3.

Damage 4 (L) | Size 3 | Durability 3 |

  • When using the Kingmaker, the changeling’s arm moves as if operating independently of her body. She is, quite literally, pulled along at the whim of the sword. While she directs the sword, it can be said to do most of the actual fighting itself.Action: Instant. Mien : The blade takes on an unearthly clarity as light spills forth from the heart of the sword. Blood and gore boils off the blade, leaving it pristine even in the heat of battle. When the Kingmaker Blade strikes, it is accompanied by the crash of waves on rocks.Drawback: The Kingmaker Blade is a beacon for those who would wrest power from the bearer’s hand. If the blade is used in melee, it acts as a magnet for attackers. Enemy combatants must make a successful Willpower roll (or spend a Willpower point) to attack a target other than the sword’s wielder. Catch: When used to inspire or lead the downtrodden.
  • Fate: The bearer of Kingmaker is destined to rule. The sword itself is merely a means to that end, but none who have possessed the sword for any length of time have failed to become king of their domain. They may rule for years. Their reign may be brutish and short. They may be a good king, renowned and celebrated by their people, or a tyrant, reviled and spit upon. All are cursed to be brought low by their own child. The sterile lost are no exception. Too often, people read prophecies literally. The child may be a favored protégé, or adopted heir, but more than once, it has been even more symbolic than that: the very domain that he has nurtured and shaped. Even good kings are blamed for their people’s bad fortune.

Savagery. Brutality towards his enemies. And an insatiable hunger for battle.

Leon Nemeas, as one of the most fearsome figures in Croatoan, signifies all these things and more. Having lost his entire family to the True Fae (wife, two sons and three daughters, none of whom he has seen since he escaped) Mean Leon is unabashed about bringing the war to Arcadia. He’s never satisfied until he’s waist deep in screams, the clanging of steel and the smoke of gunpowder in his nostrils. It’s a fiery and impassioned desire that sometimes puts not only himself (his lost left eye is testament to that) but perhaps the entire freehold at risk.

He is both loud and utterly intimidating, commanding a disciplined army of Summer Courtiers thirsty for the downfall of ANY True Fae. Rarely is he in Croatoan proper. Instead most of his time is spent at the Summer Court fortress in the Hedge known as Briarhold.

And while it would seem Leon is all-warrior, all the time, some say he has a deep and unyielding love for Abigail Faeslayer, though you’d never know it to see the two together. Still, there has been many a time a few words from her has cooled his temper in the heat of its frenzy.

'Mean Leon' Nemeas

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