Sage Escort for Spring Court


Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Romancer
Narcissus’s Blessing: Others viewing her are subject to a subtle illusion that emphasizes those aspects of the changeling that the subject find most appealing, sometimes going so far as to convince the subject that small aspects of the changeling are utterly different than they really are. (An observer who finds bright green eyes particularly appealing may believe that a blue-eyed Romancer has emerald eyes instead.) This manifests as a –3 to all characters’ subsequent attempts to accurately describe her to others, including characters attempting to create police sketches. The blessing applies to clothing as well, but a sufficiently extraordinary trinket might grant a bonus to the roll. This is not a disguise, however, and unless the subject’s standard of beauty has changed significantly between one meeting of the Romancer and the next, he recognizes her without any difficulty. Recording devices, which have no preconceived notions of beauty and no expectations, are affected by the Wyrd’s magic as well, recording the individual as remarkably average. The –3 penalty applies to attempts to identify the character based on recorded footage or photographs as well.



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