Character Creation Tutorial

Character creation follows the same procedure as a Mortal Template to start:

  • 5/4/3 in Attributes, on top of the first dot in each as normal.
  • 11/7/4 in Skills.
  • 3 Skill Specialties.

Rely upon the following sourcebooks for Changeling character creation (see page 72 of the Changeling sourcebook for a complete overview):

The Changeling creation template differs from a mortal template in the following additions:

Your Seeming

Choose a seeming, representing the general faerie archetype that your character has become, either by proximity or by the purpose of her durance.

  • Beast: The animal-blooded who hunt in the tangled forests of Faerie, swim in its waters, soar in its skies or pace in its kennels. Affinity Contract: Fang and Talon. Kiths: Broadback, Chimera, Cleareyes, Coldscale, Coyote, Hunterheart, Nix, Riddleseeker, Roteater, Runnerswift, Skitterskulk, Steepscrambler, Swimmerskin, Venombite, Windwing.
  • Darkling: The nocturnals, the fae that lurk in the shadows and call from lightless grottoes and hidden glens. Affinity Contract: Darkness. Kiths: Antiquarian, Gravewight, Illes, Leechfinger, Lurkglider, Mirrorskin, Moonborn, Nightsinger, Palewraith, Pishacha, Razorhound, Skocsra, Tunnelgrub, Whisperwisp.
  • Elemental: Children of the earth, air and sky of Faerie; those born of the raw elements of nature itself. Affinity Contract: Elements. Kiths: Airtouched, Apsaras, Ask-wee-da-eed, Blightbent, Di-cang, Earthbones, Fireheart, Levinquick, Manikin, Metalflesh, Sandharrowed, Snowskin, Waterborn, Woodblood.
  • Fairest: The most beautiful of Arcadia, if not always the kindest; the elegant and adored, the graceful and manipulative. Affinity Contract: Vainglory. Kiths: Bright One, Dancer, Draconic, Flamesiren, Flowering, Gandharva, Larcenist, Minstrel, Muse, Playmate, Polychromatic, Romancer, Shadowsoul, Succubus/Incubus, Telluric, Treasured.
  • Ogre: The strong and often brutal goblins and giants of Faerie, broad-backed and bloody-handed. Affinity Contract: Stone. Kiths: Bloodbrute, Corpsegrinder, Cyclopean, Daitya, Farwalker, Gargantuan, Gristlegrinder, Oni, Render, Stonebones, Troll, Water-Dweller, Witch-tooth.
  • The Wizened: The subtle and ingenious crafters of Arcadia, the wise and cunning wondermakers. Affinity Contract: Artifice. Kiths: Artist, Author, Brewer, Chatelaine, Chirurgeon, Drudge, Fatemaker, Gameplayer, Gremlin, Miner, Oracle, Pamarindo, Soldier, Smith, Thusser, Woodwalker..

See page 98 of the sourcebook for Seeming details.

Your Court

Pick a Court, one of the four great houses of changeling society. You may also choose to be Courtless, a member of none. Each Court also grants affinity with two Contract lists, both the Fleeting and Eternal lists for the appropriate season.

  • Spring Court (Desire): The changelings of the Emerald Court reject the pain and sorrow of their time in Arcadia, drawing power from desire and joie de vivre.Summer
  • Summer Court (Wrath): The changelings of the Crimson Court draw power from the anger they bear toward their captors, gathering strength to fight against anyone who would enslave them again.Autumncourt
  • Autumn Court (Fear): The changelings of the Ashen Court find their strength in fae magic, drawing the Glamour they need for their sorcery from the fears of mortals.Winter
  • Winter Court (Sorrow): The changelings of the Onyx Court hide under layers of deception like a seed under snow-covered ground, hardening themselves on a diet of midwinter sorrow.
  • Courtless: Those who choose to go their own path are sometimes said to belong to the Colorless Court, outsiders in a dangerous world.

Courts of the North, West, East and South are also currently available. See page 45 of the Sourcebook for the Seasonal Courts and page 121 of Winter Masques for the Directional Courts.

Your Merits

  • 7 Points of Merits are available for you to spend. Discuss with the ST regarding Changeling Merit choices. See page 93 for Changeling Merit details.

Your Clarity

  • 7 Points of Clarity (modified Morality stat) is the standard amount for all beginning players. See page 98 for details on Clarity.

Your Contracts

  • A character gains a total of 7 dots to distribute among Contracts, at least 4 of which must be spent in his seeming and Court Contracts. Keep in mind that you can’t buy a two dot Contract without having the one dot Contract first or a three dot Contract without the two dot first. Contracts are an escalation of magical knowledge.

All changelings have affinity with Contracts of Dream,
Hearth, Mirror and Smoke.Contracts

The classes of Contracts are:

  • Dream: Entering and shaping the dreams of others.
  • Hearth: Traditional fae blessings of fortune.
  • Mirror: Altering one’s appearance.
  • Smoke: Powers of stealth and passing unseen.
  • Artifice: The Wizened’s talent for supernatural
  • Darkness: The Darklings’ affinity for cunning
    nocturnal witcheries.
  • Elements: The Elementals’ powers for commanding
    the elements to which they are bound.
  • Fang and Talon: The Beasts’ ability to emulate,
    speak with and command animals.
  • Stone: The Ogres’ blessings of might and brute force.
  • Vainglory: The Fairest’s mastery of supernatural beauty and splendor.
  • Fleeting Spring: The Emerald Court’s powers over desire.
  • Eternal Spring: The Spring Court’s Contract of growth and rejuvenation.
  • Fleeting Summer: The Crimson Court’s powers to manipulate wrath.
  • Eternal Summer: The Summer Court’s Contract of heat and vigor.
  • Fleeting Autumn: The Ashen Court’s powers to induce and ward against fear.
  • Eternal Autumn: The Autumn Court’s blessings of harvest and curses of withering.
  • Fleeting Winter: The Onyx Court’s powers to invoke and control sorrow.
  • Eternal Winter: The Winter Court’s Contract of snow and ice.

1 Point of Goblin Contracts may be taken at base creation. Discuss with the ST regarding Contract choices or see page 124 of the sourcebook for Contract details.

Your Wyrd

  • A character’s Wyrd, the innate power of his fae nature, begins at 2, but Merit points may be spent to increase it. The rate is three Merit points per extra Wyrd dot.

Your Glamour

A character’s starting Glamour points equal half his Glamour pool as determined by Wyrd (rounded up). For the sake of your character creation:

  • 1 Wyrd = 10 Glamour/Allowed to spend 2 Glamour per Turn.
  • 2 Wyrd = 11 Glamour/ Allowed to spend 2 per Turn.

Character Creation Tutorial

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